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Our Focus is the Search & Acquisition of Highly Profitable  Real Estate investments  for the Passive Investor.

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Consider us as your stock broker for Real Estate Investments.

Why?  As an Investment Real Estate Brokerage, we are NOT your typical Real Estate Brokerage.  We are lazer focused on working with Real Estate Investors in locating and the acquisition of PROFITALBE Real Estate Investments.  OUR CLIENTS include seasoned investors looking to inhance their portfolio as well as the novice, ready to make that first investment.  We work with investors of single family homes, multi-family developments, adaptive reuse, and commercial property.  We also have sound investment opportunities for those looking to earn high returns by financing our  "in-house" Real Estate Investments,  

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Our Services


Our Primary Focus and Mission: The Acquisition of Highly Profitable Real Estate Investments for Our Passive Investors

Our services revolve around our primary focus . . . that of locating, evaluating, and the acquisition of Real Estate for the Passive Investor looking for a long-term hold and to enhance his/her investment portfolio.  Unlike the traditional Realtor, we understand the process and analysis required to assure a profitable and secure Real Estate Investment.

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Leasing & Management of the Investment

To assure a profitable long term return, the team placed to manage the investment is of critical importance. Undestanding our In-House Management capabilities, we either provide our Clients with direct Leasing & Management Services or we refer out to one of our Strategic Management Partners. Our stringent requirements and inspection processes minimize the opportunity for unexpected expenses and maximize the profit potential. (


"In-house" Investment Opportunities?

We are often asked if Real Estate Investment Brokers, LLC invests in Real Estate ourselves. Well, not directly but yes, through our sister company (BackStreet Capital).  (And yes, we employ the same criteria and systems in our investment ventures as we employ for our REIB Clients).  In these cases, we will invite outside "Private Lenders" to financially participate in an investment.  Depending on the complexity and term of the project, it is typical for the financial investor to realize a 10%-12% short-term return on their investment.  (Plus a negotiated Preferred Return on specific projects.)

Private Money Lending Opportunities

Investing in Rehab Projects (Flip)

At Real Estate Investment Brokers, we often work with the investor looking for a short term gain on his/her investment dollar.  In these instances, we focus on acquiring properties from highly motivated Sellers or distressed property where renovations are typically needed.  We locate and handle the acquisition of a property.  The investor will then need to renovate or "rehab" the property himself or may hire our sister company (BackStreet Capital) to handle the renovation process.  The renovated property will then be put back on the market (or flipped) and sold to an end user or a Landlord/ Investor.  In this scenario, our Investor/Client is looking for a solid, short term Return On Investment / ROI. 



The 8 Step Process to Profitable (Passive) Real Estate Investing

Every step of this process is important 

to assure successful and profitable passive 

Real Estate investing.

Passive Real Estate investing puts the burden of locating, acquiring, leasing, and management of the property on someone else's shoulders.  It takes all of the effort and associated challenges off your shoulders. 

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The "Flips & the Flops" of Investing in Distressed Property

"Flipping" properties can be profitable " IF ". . . 

  1. you are very market savy
  2. you understand that successful flipping is a full time JOB 
  3. you are prepared to deal with the renovation process

Our best advice  . . . Leave this process to those who know what they are doing and have the experience and time to do it profitably.  Consider being a Private Lender. (BackStreet Capital)

Private money lending opportunities

Why Real Estate vs the Stock Market?

The advantages and disadvantages of investing in Real Estate.

First, let's establish that there is no perfect investment vehicle.  There are positives and negitives to owning Real Estate, stocks, commodities, bonds . . . pick one.  They all carry a degree of risk.

However, we find that Real Estate holds very clear advantages over the typical stock market.  

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